Film and Video production is an exercise in collective alchemy

Life is a trajectory set in motion by our forebears and our own early actions. Personal will allows us to direct that trajectory.

Filmmaking is an exercise in personal will, and the benevolent cooperation of interested parties to tell a meaningful story.

And then there is the mystery. The odd happenstance of seemingly random occurrences which open or close doors along the way.

To the extent that we have succeeded in our endeavors it is the direct result of Will, Benevolence, and Mystery.

A successful production certainly requires talent and experience, but odds of success drastically increase with planning and preparedness. This is one of the services we provide.

From industrial and corporate work to full length dramatic features, we've been able to bring concepts to fruition in a timely and financially prudent manner. We'd welcome the chance to talk with you about making your vision into a reality. If you have something you need to communicate, don't let logistics or technical stop you.

A few example projects...

A completely self produced original dramatic feature shot digitally in 16 days with an incredibly committed cast and crew. Like most indie pictures, time and money were short. The key was always to insulate the talent so that the performances would be as true and compelling as possible. After all, that's all that counts in the end.
It must have worked because reception of the picture has been phenomenal and we even won some awards at the Hollywood DV festival, for best actress, best mystery/suspense, and a nomination for best editing.
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This was an incredibly complex industrial video. Over an hour long, the goal was to educate an entire industry on the use of new RFID technologies.
We of course set up interviews with opinion leaders all over the USA, but more importantly we decided that the audience needed to SEE it working.
This necessitated that we actually set large scale demonstrations at remote locations involving equipment, technology, animals, weather, local personnel, and virtually every other thing you can imagine that could go wrong.
Our deep commitment to production planning and logistics ensured that every challenge was overcome and the production came off without a hitch.
Comments back from the field have been fantastic because people were so pleased to finally be able to see and understand this very complicated but incredibly useful system.

This was a DVD to be used for training on a very intricate computer program. It was organized in bite sized "task, and solutions" pieces so that it could be viewed all at once, or used as a go-to reference for quick skill acquisition.

Multi-purpose was the word from the start. This DVD was done to introduce a well established clothing company into a new marketplace, under a new brand.
Extensive footage was shot and the delivered piece had two major sections.
The first section was consumer oriented, suitable for use either at point of sale or during trade shows.
The second part was a piece-by-piece demo of each product in the line carefully shot with two cameras to demonstrate the very specific language and techniques used by our savvy and experienced apparel salesperson. A video FAQ was added at the end as well.